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About Our Local Painting Company

Ed's Painting is a reliable and affordable local painting company, located in Ypsilanti, MI. Any business or residential building owner must provide the right colors for their building and if you think you can’t do all the painting on your own, hiring us is your best decision!

What Is The Difference Between Our Local Painting Company And Any Other Painting Service Providers

There are many painting companies that will provide you with any colors for your building but think for the numerous problems you can get if you don’t think twice before hiring one without knowing their years of experience. The main thing that sets the difference is the years of experience and with 18 years in total, we have really proven to be one of the most reliable choices if you are in need of some painting service for your residential or commercial painting.

Many clients often invest in companies with less experience that are also more expensive, what the smart thing about that? Exposing every cent that you are planning on investing to a huge risk, the chances of paying more for another painting service is bigger. That is what our business and house painting service provider doing all the time, we use our many years of experience, making sure you don’t pay twice or more for one service.

Are you in need of a commercial painting company or a house painting service provider for your residential property? Make sure you contact Ed's Painting at (734) 263-1405, if you are located in Ypsilanti, MI.


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